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Barstool Arizona DAO Bowl Proposal

2022 Barstool Arizona DAO Bowl Proposal

Why do this?

As disappointing as it is that the 2021 game was canceled due to COVID-related restrictions, it does present an opportunity to help engage fans unlike many other sporting events have been able to do thus far.  First, and foremost, it will also help Barstool Sports and the Arizona Bowl retain revenues to help ease the impact of this event being canceled while at the same time, rewarding those fans who opt-in and choose to defer their tickets to next year’s bowl game with the following benefits:

  • Keep their seats that they currently have already purchased for which they can sell on secondary markets once the opponents are announced in the late fall of 2022.
  • Will be airdropped mirror tokens equaling 1 token per seat that they will be able to vote for various programming mapped out for the 2022 bowl game.
  • This will engage fans and offer unique sponsor activations throughout the year as opposed to a month-long blitz commonly associated with bowl games.
  • There will also be peripheral exposure to population groups not previously engaged
Tech Stack Timeline

Alrighty, lets talk about this up front so people can get over their biases and chain ethos and be open to participating to help position this endeavor for success.  Below are the technical requirements with reasoning and how quickly they can be implemented by The Fan Block:

  • Blockchain utilized – Tron; We have been tokenizing on this chain since 2018
    • Smart contract enabled chain
    • Supports TRC10, TRC20 and TRC721 with batch mint, multi-send and payment splitter which will all be incorporated through the campaign
    • Faster than a credit card and is currently amongst the top chains in daily stablecoin transaction volume exceeding $17,639,103,798 in value as of Dec 27.
    • Each wallet on Tron is allocated enough bandwidth for 10-15 transactions per day at no cost.  With The Fan Block’s approach to staking at the contract level we can make it virtually free for all who use our wallet.
    • At the end of the day, with the chain being fast, scalable and reliable in supporting the most popular token standards in use today, the next factor is earning potential by driving chain value.  It is currently valued at approximately $.08 each.  There are a couple other great chains out there that meet the above parameters, Ethereum is not one of them due to high participatory cost at this time, but those chains are valued at $1.46 – $185 each.  Driving a singular token’s value is one thing, but when you can stake on the chain you are building at a level that will see exponential gains while out performing many of the other chains operating at a high cost, it is certainly something worth considering.
  • Wallet Management – Live Since 2018
    • We have been using wallets specific to campaigns and users since 2018.  We can easily create wallets assigned to voting options and take snapshots of token balances by communicated deadlines to announce selections.
  • The Modern Sports Group (MSG) Fan App (Mobile App) – Live Since June 2020
    • The MSG Fan app is the app we have been building and iterating on since January of 2020 and spent the spring of 2021 adding support for TRC721-NFT.  Our app offers a customizable brand management tool that would allow you to send push notifications, social streams, in-app arcade and even an in app light show that flashes to the music played in-venue.  With our in-event check-in and airdrop utility, you can actually airdrop tokens to those fans sitting in your seats with no claiming on their side after they check-in.  Currently The Fan Block is the latest iteration of the app and is serving as a use case for clients to interact with.
    • We would be able to mass upload and create wallets for all of your current ticket holder database so they would not need to do anything aside from verify their email.
    • The Fan Block app could be used immediately if you wanted.  Or we could make your custom Bowl Game app within 2 weeks once we get the assets you want and agree to the design.
  • The Fan Block (WEB) – Desktop Wallet Integration end of January 2022
    • The Fan Block website is currently live and supports purchasing tokens with a credit card or crypto if you would like.
    • Our next step will be to integrate our fan app wallet tech into the user login flow with so that users may login with the same account on desktop and manage their tokens.  This will not require a browser extension and users will register/login with their email the same way they do in our app currently.
  • The Fan Block (WEB) – Marketplace Integration by end of February
    • This will allow for users to buy, sell and trade with other users for their items that are offered.  Only tokens and NFTs that are whitelisted will show up on our marketplace to help insulate the experience.  This is known as a curated marketplace, not a closed marketplace.  This marketplace option is meant to be cloned and customized for each client so your fans can also enjoy a branded marketplace with perpetual royalties via our payment splitter function minted into our tokens.  We have already enabled token send on TRC10, TRC20 and TRC721 so users who are passionate about listing their tokens on another marketplace may do so.
Token Integration

We will utilize several different types of tokens in the campaign, all of which are supported by our MSG Fan app wallet.  The types of tokens we will use are as follows:

  • Social Tokens
    • TRC10 – (Less than a couple seconds to send)  Super fast and not smart contract enabled.  Perfect for voting rewards drops and for redemption for off-chain assets like in stadium merch, tickets or concessions.
    • TRC20 – (Less than a couple seconds to send)  Very fast and smart contract enabled.  These are great for on-chain redemptions such as buying, selling and trading other smart contract enabled tokens. 
  • NFT
    • TRC721 – (Less than 60 seconds to send) NFT token standard, is a great aggregating tool for wrapping perpetual engagement and sponsor activation into a token that can airdropped or claimed at minting.

Each of these tokens will have a unique roll to play through the different periods associated with the roadmap.  The best part, all of these tokens are fully supported within our fan app to underpin your brand management plans.

User Onboarding

Below is a step by step guide into how to create your wallet account within The Fan Block fan app.  Users are under 60 seconds away from a wallet that supports both social tokens and NFTs!  Be sure to check your junk mail if you do not get your account confirmation email to verify your email address within a minute or two.


For our DAO initiative, users that opt-in to participate and defer their refunds in exchange for DAO participation will skip steps 2 and 3.  They will still need to download the fan app from the app store and verify their email address.  From there, they just login.  The only information we would need is user first and last name, number of seats purchased for sending mirrored tokens and email address.  We have integrated the user name into some of our experiences to greet them individually.  The email address will be used to verify their wallet and reset password if needed.


Strategic Agreements Needed

Here is how we see the event structure proceeding:

  • Arizona Bowl and Barstool Sports event management and contractual agreements remain intact and unchanged
  • Agreement executed for The Fan Block token management and fan app services
    • The DAO adds a layer to help you retain 2021 revenues and incentivize fan engagement.  This will lead to UGC that will drive awareness and exposure to new population groups
    • The DAO participants are rewarded with fan participation and reduced ticket pricing ahead of the general public pricing announced at a later date.  At that time, they can always list their 2021 tickets that have been rolled over to the 2022 event on secondary marketplaces.
Proposed Calendar Benchmarks

2022 Proposed Calendar Benchmarks

January 2022

  • Current 2021 ticket holder opt-ins via form link sent out to your ticket holders.  Deadline to opt-in would be set to January 31, 2022.  You would then send a data pull of First and Last Names, number of seats purchased and email addresses for us to create the Fan App wallet accounts for opt-ins.
  • The Fan Block web database sync and wallet integration completed by Jan 31, 2022

February 2022

  • First TRC10 Social Tokens airdropped to wallet address associated to 2021 opt-ins.  The first voting token would likely be titled BRSTArtist to vote for the artists that your team identifies are available for the 2022 bowl game
  • The Fan Block Marketplace integration is deployed on allowing users to buy, sell and trade their tokens in a curated marketplace environment.

March 2022

  • Voting takes place for the performing artist
  • Wallet snapshot of voting wallets as communicated

April 2022

  • Second TRC10 Social Tokens airdropped to wallet address associated to 2021 opt-ins.  The second voting token would likely be titled BRSTLogo to vote for the event logo associated with the 2022 bowl game

May 2022

  • Voting takes place for the bowl game logo
  • Wallet snapshot of voting wallets as communicated

June 2022

  • Third TRC10 Social Tokens airdropped to wallet address associated to 2021 opt-ins.  The third voting token would likely be titled BRSTPromo to vote for the giveaways associated with the 2022 bowl game

July 2022

  • Voting takes place for the bowl game promotions
  • Wallet snapshot of voting wallets as communicated

August – October 2022

  • Bowl game preparations, marketing and merch related to the above selections

November 2022

  • Fourth & Fifth TRC10 Social Tokens airdropped to wallet address associated to 2021 opt-ins.  The fourth voting token would likely be titled BRSTHome and the fifth voting token would likely be called BRSTVisitor to vote for the Home and Visitor teams that are eligible to compete in the bowl game

Late November – December 2022

  • Voting takes place for the bowl game participating teams
  • Wallet snapshot of voting wallets as communicated

Late December 2022

  • Gameday TRC10 tokens minted to DAO participants to allow them to redeem for something physical in-venue.  Could be concessions, merch, parking or something along those lines.  This token would be titled BRSTGameday.
  • TRC20 tokens minted to reward current bowl game ticket holders to mint a special 2022 Barstool Arizona DAO Bowl game NFT that will be iterated on with highlights and performances from the week.
  • TRC721 NFT tokens compiled and deployed with API for minting when claiming with the specified TRC20 token
  • Have a blast and ENJOY THE GAME!
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