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Our Journey Here and the Roadmap Ahead

It has been an incredible journey up to this point and our roadmap charting our course for what’s ahead has our team and clients excited for what’s next!


How We Got Here

  • In the summer/fall of 2018, we began conducting market research, in venue and around multiple communities, centered around adoption challenges and benefits related to tokenization and sports at the youth, high school and collegiate levels. 
  • This led to the recognition that we needed to offer a custom wallet solution for organizations who valued their brand and wanted to utilize tokens as a tool to build connections with their communities without the distraction of spam tokens and 3rd party wallet marks.  This was the catalyst behind the MSG Fan App found at
  • Design/Development began and in the spring of 2020, the first MSG Fan Apps, complete with branded on-chain wallets, were delivered to clients.  This was a watershed moment and allowed organizations to tokenize their own assets and engage their users with push notifications, social streams, in-app arcades and even an in-app light show.
  • With the emergence of NFTs in the summer/fall of 2020, and with our blockchain announcing support for NFTs in December of 2020, we began development to add support for NFT collectibles in our fan app wallet.  This was realized in late February of 2021 and was live in time for us to mint the first-ever collegiate athletics NFT to celebrate the SFA Ladyjacks advancing to the NCAA tournament!
  • The rest of 2021 saw our app support proof of use cases in ticketing, co-branded NFTs offering both digital and physical product bundles and micro-moments to celebrate athletic achievement.  The NFT as a perpetual promotional tool was realized.  This was just the beginning… 


Our Roadmap Ahead

  • January of 2022 will see our in-app wallet register/login functionality integrated into our website so users can login on either mobile app or desktop device and manage their tokens.  All without the need of a browser extension.
  • With our Ultras 8-bit characters and sports moments library growing fast, the need for a marketplace is now a topic of conversations amongst our users.  February of 2022 will see the integration of our own curated Fan Block Marketplace where NFTs can be listed to be bought, sold and traded directly with others utilizing our Fan Block token.  No need for any open marketplaces and the risk of brand dilution due to peripheral content out of your control.
  • March of 2022 will see our launch of our generative art character line that is in design now.  This will be a line of characters that inspire fandom like few have done before.  Stay tuned…

With our tech stack delivered and integrations built for both mobile first and desktop device users, the resources in our company will be redirected to recruiting great artists with unique perspectives to capture some of sports greatest moments through their own lenses. 

Having hit every development benchmark target to date, we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon so give us a follow and if you see value in what we are doing, support our efforts by purchasing entry level, custom art or watershed sports moments from our store! 

What is digital fandom?

Digital fandom is simply the digital representation of your favorite moments.  Think of a physical baseball card, or an image from a youth soccer game, but captured on the blockchain within a unique token.  These tokens are supported in your digital wallet in the same way you might keep a special moment in your physical wallet.

Why is it valuable?

These special moments have value for several reasons.  Reasons that influence value are:


  • Licensing agreement with organization;
  • Number created;
  • What the memory means to you;
  • A marketplace to aggregate and connect owners to safely trade
How do I join?

That’s the best part!  There are no fees to become a member and you can join in any of our MSG Fan Apps or on the web at The Fan Block.  With our universal wallet technology, no matter where you join, you have access through any of the family of MSG Fan Apps without creating a new account.


We are excited to share that our desktop wallet integration will be implemented by the end of January 2022.  You will be able to register/login to the same wallet created in our app while on your desktop device.  No browser extension needed.


Once you create an account, you will automatically be assigned a wallet address that you can copy/paste to share when purchasing digital assets.

How do I create a wallet?

Here is a step by step guide into how to create your wallet account.  You are under 60 seconds away from a wallet that supports both social tokens and NFTs!  Be sure to check your junk mail if you do not get your account confirmation email to verify your email address within a minute or two.


If you have already created a wallet in our fan app, beginning February 1 of 2022, you will be able to login to your wallet while visiting The Fan Block on your desktop browser.


How do I purchase a moment?

After you download The Fan Block app and create your wallet account, visit our Shop page and there you can buy any of the moments still in stock. Each moment has a limited number minted and is first come, first serve.    Once you make your selection, copy/paste your Fan Block app wallet address at checkout and we will send your tokens to you.  We process orders Monday – Friday, between 9 am – 5 pm.


Beginning on Feb 1, 2022, you will be able to purchase without having to copy/paste your wallet address.  If you are buying an NFT from the marketplace, it will be automatically filled and sent to your account.  If you are buying a product from our storefront, we will send you that token at the first possible chance.  Lastly, if you are minting a token directly, that will be deposited into your account automatically.


Nothing else for you to do!

I purchased a moment. Now what?

After you purchase a moment, you are good to go and your order will be filled.  This typically takes less than 30 min, though can take up to one additional business day depending on order volume or day of purchase.  We operate on one of the fastest blockchains out there so as soon as we process your order, your assets will arrive.


Starting Feb 1, 2022,  your wallet will be integrated into the desktop browser and databases will be synced with our live app wallet integration.  This will make the desktop experience even easier and without a browser extension.


We typically do not process after 5 pm and on the weekends, but if we have a chance to do so, we will be glad to process your order.

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