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What is digital fandom?

Digital fandom is simply the digital representation of your favorite moments.  Think of a physical baseball card, or an image from a youth soccer game, but captured on the blockchain within a unique token.  These tokens are supported in your digital wallet in the same way you might keep a special moment in your physical wallet.

Why is it valuable?

These special moments have value for several reasons.  Reasons that influence value are:


  • Licensing agreement with organization;
  • Number created;
  • What the memory means to you;
  • A marketplace to aggregate and connect owners to safely trade
How do I join?

That’s the best part!  There are no fees to become a member and you can join in any of our MSG Fan Apps or on the web at The Fan Block Marketplace.  With our universal wallet technology, no matter where you join, you have access through any of the family of MSG Fan Apps without creating a new account.


Once you create an account, you will automatically be assigned a wallet address that you can copy/paste to share when purchasing digital assets.

Is there any risk?

The only risk is assumed when you purchase the Swag Packs of random cards.  We have created Swag Packs that are themed so that you will be sure to get moments that are relevant to your passion.  From there, you can keep, trade or sell them within The Marketplace.  Rest assured, The Fan Block will be there every step of the way to help you have the experience you deserve!

How do I purchase a Swag Pack?

After you create your account on The Fan Block Marketplace, visit our Shop page and there you can buy any of the Swag Packs still in stock. Each pack has a limited number of moments and each moment has a limited number of digital tokens minted.


Once you make your selection, copy/paste your Marketplace wallet address at checkout and we will send your tokens to you.  We process orders Monday – Friday, between 9 am – 5 pm.


Nothing else for you to do!

What is The Fan Block Marketplace?

The Fan Block Marketplace is where all the magic happens!

Your wallet, with each of your assets, is integrated here and you can even click to view your digital memory anytime you want.  You can also search the marketplace for tokens of interest and buy, sell or trade with other users.  To facilitate the transaction, we utilize The Fan Block (TFB) token which can be purchased from our Official Shop as well as redeemed once the permissioned transaction is completed.


This helps ensure that you get the moment you purchased and that when selling, you get paid.

I purchased a Swag Pack. Now What?

After you purchase a Swag Pack, you are good to research the marketplace and wait for your order to be filled.  This typically takes less than 30 min depending on order volume.  We operate on one of the fastest blockchains out there so as soon as we process your order, your assets will arrive.


We typically do not process after 5 pm and on the weekends, but if we have a chance to do so, we will be glad to process your order.

How do I Buy, Sell or Trade Moments in the Marketplace?

This is a permissioned based process between buyer and seller.  When you make a pitch to the token holder, if the offer is accepted, the smart contract automatically executes and performs the swap.  There is no refund or cancelling the transaction once both parties accept.  The seller may then redeem The Fan Block (TFB) tokens for payments in a 1 TFB:$1 relationship.


We utilize Stripe Payouts and you may register for this service once you are in The Fan Block Marketplace.  Payouts will typically take between 1-3 business days to process.

How do I make sure I get paid?

Great question!


Money actually never changes hands within the marketplace.  The Fan Block (TFB) token can not be redeemed anywhere else except within our platform.  Once the permissioned process is completed, The Fan Block will exchange your TFB tokens for cash and pay out.

Who decides the price that I can sell?

The marketplace and ultimately what the buyers are willing to pay will determine the sell price.  The Fan Block and MSG do not influence pricing of your asset in any way.

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