The Block Life! – Lifetime Early Access NFT Pass


The Block Life NFT will offer early access to new drops for token holders as long as they have the token in their wallets! 


As we mint moments and avatars from your favorite sports programs, your wallet address will qualify you to have first access to purchase the earliest editions…for life.  Feel free to keep your pass or resale it to whomever you want.  Just remember, the wallet addresses that hold the token when validation occurs are the ones that will get early access to purchase.


There will only be 100 of these NFT passes ever minted so act quickly to complete your purchase.  So much more to come so get your early access pass today!

100 in stock

  • To have your Fan Block moment or tokens sent to you following your purchase, please copy/paste your fan app wallet address here.
  • $0.00
Quick info


Steps to make sure you enjoy your NFT!

  1. Download The Fan Block app from the iOS app store or from the Google Play store based on your device
  2. Navigate to the Wallet page and enroll in the program
  3. Confirm your email and once you log back in, you will see your wallet address
  4. Copy/paste your wallet address into the order form

That is it!  After we receive your order, your token will be sent to you and you will be able to view it anytime you like.

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